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is about:

Blogging Basics

Learn everything about starting, creating and running a successful blog.


Learn how to install WordPress, choose themes, download plugins, use widgets, create pages and posts, and more.

Creating Content

Learn everything about content strategy, writing engaging blog posts, creating infographics, editing images and more.

SEO & Traffic

Learn everything about keyword research, link building, social media and more to increase website traffic.


Learn how to monetize your blog through Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, online sales of digital products, and more.


My thoughts on various topics not relating to blogging. Sometimes we all need an outlet to express our thoughts.

Starting out is never easy. I’ve been there and I’ve done that.

Over the years, I have created several websites in different niches. And now I’m finally ready to share my journey and experience with everyone.

Platform for Blogging is a place for everyone who wants to learn how to start a blog in WordPress. I want to create a community of like-minded people that will inspire each other and learn from each other.

My blog covers the following topics:

  • Blogging Basics
  • WordPress
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO & Traffic
  • Monetization
  • Inspiration

If you want to start your blogging journey, make sure to write about something you have a passion for. Blogging takes a lot of effort and you don’t want to invest your time into something that will not bring you satisfaction and pleasure.

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