If you want to learn everything about SEO (and more), you need to learn from the best people in the industry. Today I want to share with you 20 best SEO blogs that you absolutely must follow. I have used the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool for my research. I wanted to back up my list with some useful data (collected on July 2, 2019) that would show you how successful these blogs are. So get ready to add some useful bookmarks to your browser today.

List of abbreviations

* for those who are not familiar with SEO terminology and Ahrefs software

Ahrefs rank: Ahrefs Rank (AR) shows the target website’s position among all other websites in our database rated by the “strength” of their backlink profiles. The website with the strongest backlink profile is ranked #1. 

UR: URL Rating (UR) shows the strength of the target URL’s backlink profile on a 100-point logarithmic scale (higher = stronger). Both internal and external links influence this metric. 

DR: Domain Rating (DR) shows the relative “backlink popularity” of the target website compared to all other websites in our database on a 100-point logarithmic scale (higher = stronger). We calculate DR based on the number of websites linking to the domain’s URLs and their backlink profile strength.

Backlinks: Shows the total number of backlinks pointing to a target website or URL. Not to be confused with the number of linking pages, as one page can contain multiple backlinks.

Referring domains: Shows the total number of unique referring domains pointing to a target website or URL.

Traffic value: Shows the total number of unique referring domains pointing to a target website or URL.


#1. Ahrefs Blog

by Dmitry Gerasimenko

ahrefs seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 2,120
UR: 55
DR: 88
Backlinks: 93.2K
Referring domains: 8.18K
Traffic value: $683K
Top page about SEO: 10 Free Keyword Research Tools (That CRUSH Google Keyword Planner)

Ahrefs not only offers powerful SEO tools (Site explorer, Content explorer, Keywords explorer, Rank tracker) but also publishes an informative blog that focuses on all aspects of SEO. They cover topics such as SEO basics, SEO tools, Keyword research, Link building, Website traffic, and Outreach. Make sure to check out their articles that get posted once or twice every week.

#2. Authority Hacker

by Mark Webster and Gael Breton 

authority hacker seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 40,068
UR: 50
DR: 74
Backlinks: 14.3K
Referring domains: 2.05K
Traffic value: $117K
Top page about SEO: We Field Tested 5 Popular Link Building Services: The Results Are Disturbing

Authority Hacker’s Mark and Gael specialize in building and growing highly profitable authority sites. They refer to themselves as “former grey hat SEOs” whose methods 100% comply with Google’s terms. Topics covered in their blog (apart from SEO) include Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Funnels, WordPress, and Site Building. Follow these guys as they know exactly what they’re doing.

#3. Backlinko

by Brian Dean

backlinko seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 3,117
UR: 82
DR: 87
Backlinks: 190K
Referring domains: 17.8K
Traffic value: $425K
Top page about SEO: 15 BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO [2019 Reviews]

Backlinko is all about providing effective SEO advice to its readers. Brian Dean is one of my favorite people in the industry. After failing numerous times online, he did not give up but continued to work even harder to get to where he is now. More than 110 thousand people are subscribed to Brian’s weekly newsletter (including top marketing people from Amazon, Apple, Disney, and IBM). As of today, there are 80 blog posts on Backlinko, all of which are a must-read.

#4. Builtvisible

by Richard Baxter

builtvisible seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 33,058
UR: 53
DR: 75
Backlinks: 76.6K
Referring domains: 4.07K
Traffic value: $14.3K
Top page about SEO: How to get a job in SEO and progress your career rapidly

Builtvisible is a London-based award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content, and analytics. Their blog covers a wide range of topics that will come in useful for everyone in the SEO industry. Just filter the content by categories and dive into reading articles. The thing I like about their blog is the fact that they tell you how long it will take you to read an article. It definitely comes in handy when you have only 5 minutes to spare while you’re commuting.

#5. cognitiveSEO

by Razvan Gavrilas

cognitive seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 33,722
UR: 37
DR: 75
Backlinks: 30.4K
Referring domains: 2.16K
Traffic value: $29.3K
Top page about SEO: 941% Traffic Increase Exploiting the Synonyms SEO Ranking Technique

The cognitiveSEO offers powerful SEO tools that provide unique analysis of Backlinks, Content, and Rank. Their site and blog have been continuously growing since 2017. Make sure to check out their stuff as they publish new content every week.

#6. Distilled

by Will Critchlow and Duncan Morris

distilled seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 17,528
UR: 77
DR: 78
Backlinks: 115K
Referring domains: 6.68K
Traffic value: $23.7K
Top page about SEO: Building Your Mobile-Friendly Site

Distilled is an online marketing agency with offices located in London, New York, and Seattle. Apart from offering extensive services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, producing their own online training platform DistilledU (specializing in SEO), they also have hundreds of useful posts on their blog about CRO, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Outreach, Social media, Mobile, Web analytics and more.

#7. Gotch SEO

by Nathan Gotch

gotch seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 183,595
UR: 44
DR: 71
Backlinks: 56.4K
Referring domains: 1.8K
Traffic value: $80.4K
Top page about SEO: How to Build Backlinks in 2019 (NEW Guide)

Nathan Gotch and his story to success are truly inspiring. He went from being $40,000 in debt to opening and growing Gotch SEO to a six-figure business in less than 6 months. Nathan’s site has been featured on Forbes, the Huffington Post, Ahrefs, SEMrush and more. Read his blog and learn more about some of his proven SEO strategies that will help you increase your site traffic.

#8. Hobo 

by Shaun Anderson

hobo-web seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 34,600
UR: 44
DR: 75
Backlinks: 50.9K
Referring domains: 4.02K
Traffic value: $100K
Top page about SEO: SEO Tutorial For Beginners in 2019

Shaun is an SEO consultant from Scotland with 20 years of experience in online marketing. Hobo is his creation that offers SEO services to businesses of all kinds. Shaun doesn’t post content very often, but when he does, it is always a must-read. Each and every single post boasts in-depth research and analysis of topics with loads of industry data to back it up with.

#9. The HOTH

by Alex Pyatetsky and Dax Miller

the hoth seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 82,988
UR: 35
DR: 71
Backlinks: 10.5K
Referring domains: 811
Traffic value: $5.8K
Top page about SEO: How To Get Thousands Of SEO Leads (10 Killer Strategies)

The HOTH is a white label SEO and Content Marketing company that provides various SEO tools and services all over the world. Their blog offers loads of content relating to SEO and all other aspects of digital marketing. Whatever it is that you are interested in, they probably have it covered. Topics range from Affiliate marketing and E-Commerce to Local SEO and PPC.

#10. Jeff Bullas

by Jeff Bullas

jeff bullas seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 7,219
UR: 80
DR: 83
Backlinks: 766K
Referring domains: 14.8K
Traffic value: $342K
Top page about SEO: 13 Super-Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO Rankings

If you have been in the digital marketing industry for a while, you must know who Jeff Bullas is. His website has millions of visitors each year and his Twitter account is followed by everyone in the industry. Jeff is a digital entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc. Although he is mostly known for his extensive knowledge of social media, his blog has excellent posts about SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more.

#11. Matthew Woodward

by Matthew Woodward

matthew woodward seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 31,681
UR: 76
DR: 75
Backlinks: 76.8K
Referring domains: 3.9K
Traffic value: $50.2K
Top page about SEO: Learn How To Find Powerful Expired Domains Step By Step

Matthew Woodward’s website was one of the first websites I started following on a regular basis. It still amazes me how he manages to come up with all these ideas that no one else has mentioned before. His online business has been steadily growing since 2012. All of his content is super detailed and includes loads of real-life examples and case studies. He also has a growing YouTube channel with over 19K subscribers. We all can learn something from his example.

#12. Moz

by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig

moz seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 552
UR: 84
DR: 91
Backlinks: 1.6M
Referring domains: 44.2K
Traffic value: $381K
Top page about SEO: How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing [Updated 2018]

I really don’t think Moz requires any introduction. Everyone knows Rand Fishkin – the leader in the field of SEO tools and resources. If there is one blog that you always need to keep up with, it is the Moz blog. New articles get published literally every day. The blog has 38 categories to choose from. Pick your topic and enjoy reading advice from the industry’s top people and experts.

#13. Neil Patel

by Neil Patel

neil patel seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 804
UR: 85
DR: 91
Backlinks: 920K
Referring domains: 48.4K
Traffic value: $1.6M
Top page about SEO: 10 Free Keyword Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Site

Neil Patel’s Twitter intro really sums up everything about him:  “Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. New York Times bestselling author, top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by Obama, and top 10 marketer by Forbes.” Neil Patel’s blog is a series of must-read posts, podcasts and video tutorials. I have personally bookmarked dozens of his articles, some of which I have read multiple times.

#14. Search Engine Journal

by Loren Baker 

search engine journal seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 1,657
UR: 84
DR: 89
Backlinks: 3.44M
Referring domains: 53.1K
Traffic value: $1.2M
Top page about SEO: A Complete Guide to SEO: What You Need to Know in 2019

Definitely one of my favorite websites about SEO. Search Engine Journal’s “SEO for Beginners: An Introduction to SEO Basics” is a must-read for anyone who wants to start their career in the SEO industry. I actually think all of their guides are amazing. I also love how visually appealing their content is. For me (and probably lots of other people), structure and visual aids are very important for learning and memorizing new things.

#15. Search Engine Land

by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman

search engine land seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 789
UR: 80
DR: 91
Backlinks: 6.55M
Referring domains: 77.5K
Traffic value: $1.5M
Top page about SEO: What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Land is one of the best websites that covers all the news and information about SEO and SEM topics. If you want to move with the times, their “Latest News” section is a must-read. There is no point mentioning all the categories they cover because they cover absolutely everything. Their SEO category is divided into 22 subcategories, so it just shows you how detailed and thorough their articles are.

#16. Search Engine Roundtable

by Barry Schwartz

search engine roundtable seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 5,811
UR: 82
DR: 84
Backlinks: 804K
Referring domains: 18.3K
Traffic value: $99.3K
Top page about SEO: Google To Drop Any Support For crawl-delay, nofollow, and noindex in robots.txt

Search Engine Roundtable focuses on reporting news about search engine marketing. They don’t really provide in-depth analysis or research of various topics, but rather cover the most important things happening in SEO and SEM. If you want to read about the latest news and trends, their short posts are ideal for that purpose.

#17. Search Engine Watch

by Danny Sullivan 

search engine watch seo blog

Ahrefs rank: 1,807
UR: 85
DR: 89
Backlinks: 2.92M
Referring domains: 49.2K
Traffic value: $284K
Top page about SEO: How to write meta descriptions for SEO (with good and bad examples)

Search Engine Watch provides news and information about search engines and search engine marketing. They cover everything from Industry and Local news to SEO, PPC, and Mobile. If you want to keep up to date with what is happening in the digital world, make sure to add this site to your bookmarks.

    #18. SEMrush

    by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov

    semrush seo blog

    Ahrefs rank: 1,817
    UR: 57
    DR: 89
    Backlinks: 68.6K
    Referring domains: 6.6K
    Traffic value: $86.5K
    Top page about SEO: 10 Awesome Visual, Proven Sitemap Generator Tools

    SEMrush is a software and service company that provides industry-leading tools for online marketing. They have over 4 million users around the world. Their success if really admirable. They not only manage to sell leading solutions for online marketers, but also have a blog, a podcast, and webinars focusing on topics about SEO, PPC, content, social media, and more.

    #19. SEO by the SEA

    by Bill Slawski

    seo by the sea blog

    Ahrefs rank: 40,116
    UR: 23
    DR: 74
    Backlinks: 157K
    Referring domains: 5.46K
    Traffic value: $1.5K
    Top page about SEO: PageRank Update

    SEO By the Sea is a blog about learning SEO information directly from the search engines. Its founder Bill Slawski has been doing SEO since 1996, so he really knows what he is talking about. If you want to read more about the technical stuff and understand how search engines really work and operate, make sure to check out Bill’s blog.

    #20. Small SEO Tools

    by Tausif Akram

    small seo tools blog

    Ahrefs rank: 8,028
    UR: 28
    DR: 82
    Backlinks: 1.05K
    Referring domains: 96
    Traffic value: $14.5K
    Top page about SEO: How to Rank #1 on Google for Any Keyword?

    Small SEO tools offer effective tools that are free of charge. They have been featured on all the big sites in the industry such as Moz, Microsoft, Mashable, Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs, and more. Their blog offers some very handy SEO tips and strategies that will help your website.

    And that was my list of 20 Best SEO Blogs to follow. Remember, that SEO (especially the technical side of things) is always changing and evolving. If you want to stay on top of your game, you always need to keep up-to-date with the latest news, trends, names, etc.

    Got any comments or questions? Have I forgotten to include any good SEO blogs on my list? Please leave them in the comment section below.



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