Whenever I feel inspired, I write down a list of topics that I want to talk about in my upcoming posts. But we all have those days when we struggle to come up with anything. Sometimes we all lack creativity and that is normal.

Today I want to share with you 80 blog post ideas that can hopefully inspire you to write creative and successful content for your blog. These blog post ideas should suit blogs from all niches and industries. So shall we start right now?

80 Blog post ideas


1. BEGINNER’S GUIDE Write a beginner’s guide about a topic you are confident and knowledgeable in. All beginner’s guides should include some useful theory and definitions.
2. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Write a step-by-step guide on how to do/perform something, i.e. install a program, create an app, write a CV, increase sales, gain confidence, achieve success, etc.
3. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Write a guide about a problem you have faced and how you managed to solve it.

How To Posts

4. HOW TO DO BLOG POST RESEARCH Tell your readers how you do research for your blog posts – where do you get your inspiration, how do you come up with new ideas, how do you pick your keywords, what tools do you use, etc.
5. HOW TO WRITE ENGAGING CONTENT Share some of your writing tips on how to create and write engaging content.
6. HOW TO GAIN SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS / SUBSCRIBERS Share some of the ways to increase followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Present some examples from real life – provide screenshots, analytics, other evidence.
7. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SITE’S RANKING Tell your readers what tactics you use to improve your Google rankings – SEO, on-page optimization, etc.
8. HOW TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG Share some proven techniques that help you increase site traffic and get new visitors to your blog. Provide data that can back you up.
9. HOW TO GAIN BACKLINKS Share some of the ways you gain backlinks – guest posts, broken links, skyscraper content, infographics, etc.


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10. PRODUCT REVIEW Review products that you have recently bought or used, talk about product characteristics, pros and cons, etc.
11. SERVICE REVIEW Review services you have recently used or dealt with, talk about price, customer service, features, pros and cons, etc.
12. BOOK REVIEW Review books that have inspired you and helped you succeed in life.
13. COMPANY REVIEW Review an industry-related company you admire, talk about their history, their strategy and vision, their products and services, their ups and downs, etc.
14. EVENT REVIEW Review an event you have recently attended that is relevant to your niche.
15. INDUSTRY REVIEW Review your industry and its leaders, share your opinions and concerns.

Make Useful Lists

16. LIST OF BLOGS YOU READ AND FOLLOW Create a list of blogs in your industry that you read on a regular basis.
17. LIST OF PEOPLE YOU READ AND FOLLOW Create a list of people that you look up to in your industry.
18. LIST OF BLOG POSTS TO READ Create a list of posts that you have read recently and found useful.
19. LIST OF PODCASTS TO LISTEN TO Share a list of podcasts you listen to weekly.
20. LIST OF VIDEOS TO WATCH Share links to industry-related videos that you have viewed recently and found interesting and informative.
21. LIST OF INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW Share Instagram accounts of people you follow and admire.
22. LIST OF YOUTUBE CHANNELS TO FOLLOW Share YouTube channels that you are subscribed to and watch on a regular basis.
23. LIST OF COURSES YOU HAVE COMPLETED Share a list of courses you have completed and that have helped you become the person you are.
24. LIST OF TOOLS YOU USE Share a list of tools you use on your blog, are they free, do you have to pay for them, why are they useful, what are their main features, etc.
25. LIST OF SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS YOU USE Share a list of social media platforms that you use to increase your site traffic and improve reader engagement.
26. LIST OF APPS YOU USE Share a list of useful apps that you use that help you juggle everyday tasks.
27. LIST OF HACKS Share a list of hacks that help you do your job more effectively.
28. LIST OF ANNUAL EVENTS TO ATTEND Share a list of events to attend, they have to be relevant to your niche.

Creative Content

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29. CREATE A SURVEY Create a survey for your readers that is going to help you with your future posts. WPForms is probably the easiest plugin for this job.
30. CREATE A QUIZ Engage your readers and create a quiz that is related to your niche. If you run your blog on WordPress, there are loads of plugins available. One of the best free ones is Forminator.
31. CREATE INFOGRAPHICS Create infographics that will help your readers better absorb information. I really like using Canva for my designs
32. CREATE A PRESENTATION Create a visually engaging presentation that your readers will love. Use good old PowerPoint or if you’re not a Microsoft type person, you can try out Visme.
33. CREATE A PHOTO POST Create a post filled with your favorite photos that are relevant to your niche.
34. CREATE A VIDEO POST Create a video post where you talk about a topic relevant to your blog. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, I would suggest using Vimeo.
35. CREATE A VIDEO TUTORIAL Create a video tutorial on how to do something, i.e. how to download ___, how to use ____, how to increase ___, how to install ___, etc.
36. CREATE FUNNY MEMES Create some funny memes that are relevant to your blog. You can always check out Imgur for some inspiration.
37. CREATE GIFS Create some GIFs featuring important people or events from your industry. I use GIPHY, a great tool for creating your own GIFs or searching among other published GIFs.
38. CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE Create an online course around a topic that you really know a lot about.
39. CREATE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT Create something that your readers can download, use formats like PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
40. CREATE A USEFUL TIMELINE Create a timeline of events relevant to your blog or your niche.

Factual Content

41. GATHER USEFUL STATISTICS Gather useful statistics from your industry and analyze those numbers.
42. GATHER INTERESTING FACTS Gather some interesting facts from your industry and share your opinion on them.
43. DISCUSS INDUSTRY TRENDS Write about trends in your industry, why are they happening, what are you doing about them, how are they going to change the future, etc.
44. DISCUSS INTERESTING TWEETS Share some interesting thought-provoking tweets from people in your industry and elaborate on them. Open a discussion.
45. DISCUSS INTERESTING CONCEPTS Discuss some interesting concepts and ideas you have heard from industry leaders.
46. DISCUSS SOME RECENT EVENTS Write your opinion about some recent events that have happened in your industry.
47. DISCUSS TRENDING NOW Go on social media and see what is trending, then discuss that topic on your blog. Find something that your readers will enjoy reading about.

Audience-Engaging Content

48. HOST A CONTEST / GIVEAWAY Ask your readers to answer a few questions and reward the best answer by giving away one of your products or services for free.
49. HOST A LIVE Q&A Host a live video stream and answer your readers’ questions. You can use Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, etc. Use a platform where you have the biggest following.
50. INTERVIEW SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE  Interview someone you admire and make sure this person is relevant to your blog niche.
51. FAQ POST Answer your readers’ FAQs, be honest and engaging. Be you.

Personal Content

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52. TALK ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS Talk about things you have succeeded in and how you brought them to life.
53. TALK ABOUT YOUR FAILURES Talk about the failures you’ve faced during your online journey and how you managed to overcome them.
54. TALK ABOUT YOUR MISTAKES Talk about the mistakes you have made in the past and tell your readers how to avoid them.
55. TALK ABOUT YOUR REGRETS Talk about what you regret doing and how you could have done things differently.
56. DESCRIBE YOUR ROUTINE Write about your typical day or week – how do you start your mornings, what hours do you work, how do you maintain your blog, how often do you write, how do you do your research, etc.
57. DESCRIBE HOW YOU STARTED Write about why you started doing what you’re doing and how you got to where you are right now. Be inspiring.
58. SHARE YOUR GOALS Share a list of goals you are planning to achieve and talk about how you are going to achieve them.
59. SHARE LESSONS YOU’VE LEARNED Share some lessons that you’ve learned along the way.
60. SHARE YOUR FAVORITE QUOTES Share some powerful quotes from leaders and inspirational people in your industry.
61. SHARE A TO-DO LIST Share some of your to-do lists. How do you manage to stay effective?
62. SHARE A RECIPE Share a recipe that you absolutely love. There has to be a recipe that you are known for. For instance, I make the best oatmeal biscuits 🙂
63. SHARE YOUR EXPENSES AND EARNINGS Share what kind of expenses your blog has and how you earn money from blogging – ad revenue, affiliate marketing, selling your products/services, etc.
64. SHARE TRAVELING TIPS Share your traveling tips – how to travel cheap, how to combine work with travel, how to find cheap hotels, flights, etc
65. SHARE WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT What other things are you passionate about apart from blogging? The majority of readers would love to know some real facts about you. Take a personal approach for a change.
66. SHARE WHAT YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS ARE What dreams do you have? What do you want to do in 5 years? 10 years? We all have dreams.

Miscellaneous Blog Post Ideas

67. TOP 10 POST Write a list of your TOP 10 favorites – anything related to your niche, i.e. useful products, services, apps, sites, etc
68. COMPARISON POST Compare two or more products or services, tell your readers which one is your favorite.
69. PROS AND CONS POST Talk about the pros and cons of a product or service you have recently used.
70. TRUTH VS LIE POST Present a topic and talk about what things are true and what things are false about it.
71. ADVICE POST Give your readers some great advice that will help them, be sure to present some facts.
72. MUST-HAVE POST Share your must-have tools/services/products relevant to your niche.
73. CHECKLIST POST Create a checklist that will be helpful for your readers.
74. THANK YOU POST Write a post thanking your readers and telling them how much you appreciate them.
75. RANT POST Write a rant post about something that really bugs and annoys you.
76. BUCKET LIST POST Present your readers with a bucket list and tell them about the things you want to do before you die.
77. OLD POST UPDATE Revisit an old post on your blog and republish it, making it relevant to the present time.
78. GUEST POST Write a guest post for someone else’s blog (their niche has to be similar to your niche), try to get a backlink in return.
79. SUCCESS STORY Introduce your readers to a successful person in your industry and tell them everything about how they achieved success.
80. INSPIRATIONAL STORY Write an inspiring post about someone who gained prominence but also came from a very modest background. Inspire your readers and tell them everything is possible.



A bit of advice for writing a blog post

Remember, that choosing a topic for your blog post is only the first step. If you want to write a great article you should follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Decide What You Are Going To Write About
  • Step 3: Generate Keyword Ideas
  • Step 4: Perform Keyword Research
  • Step 5: Learn From Your Competition
  • Step 6: Write The Text For Your Blog Post
  • Step 7: Find Relevant Images
  • Step 8: Create Infographics
  • Step 9: Perform On-Page SEO
  • Step 10: Proofread, Format And Publish Your Blog Post
  • Step 11: Promote Your Blog Post

If you want more information on how to write a blog post, check out my article How To Write Your First Blog Post (And Get Noticed).

If you are still struggling to pick a topic for your next article, check out these 189 Creative Blog Post Ideas that will definitely help you come up with something new.

Got any comments or questions? Please leave them in the comment section below.

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